Pop Up Classes/Workshops

Sunday 21th April 13:00u-14:30u

Pop Up Workshop SOFT ACROBATICS by Diego Oliveira


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‘Soft Acrobatics’. It’s gonna be on Sunday 21 April 13.00-14.30 , at Chassé Dance Studio, Amsterdam. For non-abonees it will costs 15 euros. For inquiry mail: info.omflow@gmail.com
2 – The workshop is open for all levels and it’s intended for people who would like to learn tricks in a easy way and become more familiar with capoeira moves. As well as those who would like to learn new skills to integrate in your dance.
3 – In this workshop you will learn how to properly warmup to develop more strengh and mobility; learn principles of basic acrobatics using capoeira fundamentals; and how to integrate these new movements into your vocabulary.
4 – What is unique about this workshop is that we create a safe space where you learn in your own level with a good balance between technique and playfullness. Plus you get more self-confidence by practicing with a community of like-minded people